Video highlights from the July Yorkshire Cloverleaf

Highlights from the July Yorkshire Cloverleaf

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July Yorkshire Cloverleaf Dispatch

Team Crews

Team Pos’n


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Rosedale Smith / Scowcroft / Morton







Wensleydale Birch / Woof / Verrall







Coverdale Goodwin / Rowe / Lewin







July Event List

No. Crew Vehicle CC Year Class
1 Graham Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB) Bentley Supersports 5300 1925 -
2 Clint Smith (GB) / Dawn Smith (GB) Bentley Speed Six 6500 1929 -
3 Michael Birch (GB) / Wendy Birch (GB) Talbot AV105 3400 1933 -
4 Brian Scowcroft (GB) / Catherine Scowcroft (GB) Chevrolet Fangio Coupe 3300 1936 -
5 Tony Rowe OBE (GB) / Robin Carter (GB) Ford DeLuxe V8 91A Coupe 3600 1939 -
6 Nigel Woof (GB) / Sally Woof (GB) Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 1963 -
7 Steve Verrall (GB) / Jenny Verrall (GB) Porsche 911 1991 1965 -
8 Peter Morton (GB) / Louise Morton (GB) Rover P6 4599 1972 -
9 Ean D Lewin (GB) / Alison Lewin (GB) Ford Escort Mexico 1601 1973 -
10 David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB) Triumph TR4 2138 1963 -

Our Cloverleaf events are small group rallies with a very limited number of places available. The Yorkshire edition will be based in Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales for three nights, with sole use of all the accommodation and facilities.

There will be four days of competition with the emphasis on fun, smiles and the unexpected more than the stopwatch.

Exclusive and personal experiences that are not normally possible with a larger rally group.

Great driving, great food & drink, and great friendships.

Event Highlights

The Yorkshire Cloverleaf will be based just 25 miles from Rally the Globe Head Office at the luxurious Yorke Arms in the stunning surroundings of Nidderdale in the Yorkshire Dales. From the Yorke Arms we will be exploring the inner and outer reaches of what any Yorkshire resident will tell you is God’s own county. There will be traditional tests and short regularity sections mixed in with some more unconventional challenges – all with a healthy serving of Dales, Moors and dry Yorkshire wit.

Reasons to book With Us!

Rally the Globe is a not-for-profit club that exists to support a broad family of motorsport enthusiasts who want to explore the world in historic and classic vehicles. All our club’s rallies come with highly experienced support crew and safety cover including:

Expert teams of sweep mechanics

Recommendations of experts in crew training and car preparation, shipping and insurance

Advice, encouragement and assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable team