About Rally the Globe

Started in 2018, Rally the Globe is a not-for-profit club that exists to support a broad family of motorsport enthusiasts who want to explore the world in vintage and classic vehicles.

We go out of our way to find memorable accommodation and unique experiences. You will be with a great bunch of like-minded people creating memories that will last forever.

Why rally with us?

    • Pre and post-rally, start to finish line, organisation by professionals with years of experience in classic and vintage rallying
    • Highly experienced support crew on all rallies, including:
      • expert teams of sweep mechanics
      • on-call doctor or paramedic
    • Top quality on-event photography and videos
    • Daily rally reports and results
    • Rally plates, ID tags and unique, collectable merchandise
    • All maps and road books provided
    • Advance Car – to check the route before the rally sets out
    • Thrilling tests at interesting private venues and tracks and other competitive elements
    • The best accommodation we can find
    • Recommendations for crew training, car preparation, shipping and insurance
    • Advice, encouragement and assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable team

Adventures, memories and friendship that last a lifetime