In partnership with Irish Racing Green, an event for Pre-war cars exploring scenic open roads through ever-changing countryside, with a variety of tests and regularities.

8 to 11 May 2023

Stunning Irish scenery, hospitality and charm.

Video highlights from Vintage Shamrock 2023

Vintage Shamrock 2023 – Daily Dispatch

Class Day

Day 04. Castlemartyr - Dromana - Castlemartyr. 117.8 miles

No.Participants NameVehicleCCYearDay TotalOverall TotalCategory Pos.Class Pos.
65 Jim Gately / Tony Brooks Kurtis Comet391619470:00:360:01:5711
29 Bertie van Houtte / Charlotte van HoutteTalbot AV105330019340:00:470:02:2621
5 Graham Goodwin / Marina Goodwin Bentley Supersports530019250:01:110:02:2931
23 Clint Smith / Dawn SmithMG K3110019330:01:300:03:4041
51 Martin Hunt / Robert MannixFrazer Nash-BMW 328197119370:01:210:03:4951
64 Gavin Henderson / Diana HendersonFrazer Nash-BMW 328197719390:01:000:04:1862
4 Jonathan Procter / Simon CoppockBentley 3/4½450019250:02:200:04:5472
10 Simon Brien / David GomesBentley 4½ Blower450019280:02:050:04:5683
57 Andrew Bailey / Philippa BaileyTriumph Dolomite 6C199119380:01:180:05:1793
54 Robert Cook / Geoffrey Morson Chevrolet Coupe330019370:01:290:05:27102
30 Wilfried Schaefer / Sandra SchaeferTalbot 105 Alpine330019340:01:530:05:29113
34 Andrew Boland / Ann BolandTalbot AV105350019340:01:080:05:38124
25 Jack Brien / Olivia Holroyd MG NA Magnette127119340:01:010:05:45132
9 Nigel Batchelor / Gina BatchelorBentley 4½ Tourer439819280:02:070:05:52144
27 Jim Boland / Neil SuttonBMW 328197119370:02:370:06:08154
12 Eric Kavanagh / John Kavanagh Frazer Nash Super Sports149719290:02:350:06:0916=5
58 Steven Wilson / Trina HarleyMorris 8 series E109819470:02:500:06:0916=3
33 Rob Jeurissen / Jeanne Jeurissen Bentley Derby366919340:01:330:06:18182
32 James McClean / Emily Anderson Bentley Derby Special366919340:02:030:06:32193
42 Steve Robertson / Julia Robertson MG PB Tourer93919360:02:070:06:39204
46 Chris Abrey / Sara BanhamBMW 328197119360:03:180:06:41215
53 Peter Lovett / Zoe LovettFrazer Nash-BMW 328199119370:01:220:06:43226
50 Thomas Houlihan / Edel MurphyRiley 12/4 Special149619370:03:180:06:48235
60 Peter Neumark / Ben CussonsFrazer Nash-BMW 328191119380:02:530:07:05247
11 David Roberts / Jo RobertsChrysler 75 Roadster407819290:01:430:07:17256
52 Simon Echlin / Mark BrienFrazer Nash-BMW 328197119370:02:010:07:43268
3 Hans Kuipers / Robert DoornbuschBentley 3/4½450019240:01:570:07:48277
39 Willem Vermeulen / Ellen VermeulenAlvis Speed 25430019350:06:010:08:34284
47 Kenneth MacEwan / Susan GodfreyRiley Kestrel 4244319360:02:040:08:50295
43 Nigel Odlum / Nick BennettRiley 12/4149819360:01:500:08:52306
17 Hugh Apthorp / Lesley ApthorpBentley 4½ Blower450019310:01:140:09:13318
61 Keith Ashworth / Norah AshworthFrazer Nash-BMW 328197119380:03:300:09:49329
31 David Long / Byron FergusonTalbot AV105340019340:03:230:10:3333=6
37 Stephen Murphy / Joe DeaconFrazer Nash-BMW 319/328197119350:01:420:10:3333=10
45 Anthony J. Boland / Eoin BolandAlvis Speed 20268719340:03:240:11:13357
16 Mickey Gabbett / Edwina Gaisford-St LaurenceAlvis 12/60 Beetleback164519310:03:550:12:07367
1 Rob Hubbard / Don LarkinVauxhall 30-98422419240:02:520:12:19379
14 Andrew Davies / Anne DaviesChrysler 75400019290:04:380:12:493810
26 Peter Gordon / Jacqueline GordonTalbot 90230019340:03:040:14:35398
38 Michael Velasco / Maria Garcia Fernandez Bentley Derby Sports366919350:04:390:14:50405
24 Alan Beardshaw / Tina BeardshawSS Jaguar 100348519380:05:230:17:21419
6 Will Stoneham / Max GagnebinBentley 3/4½ VdP450019260:04:070:17:274211
20 John Whitelock / Nicole WhitelockAston Martin 12/50 Le Mans149519330:06:170:17:35438
15 Will Stone / Helen StoneBentley 3/4½450019280:04:530:18:534412
22 Tom Callanan / Brendan O'Donoghue Ford Model A328019300:05:400:19:554513
36 Irvine Laidlaw / Annabel JonesBMW 319190019350:15:460:20:294611
18 Noel Nolan / Brian MolloyAlvis Speed 20251119320:07:340:21:084710
63 Francis Rhatigan / Marie RhatiganBMW 327/80195019390:09:020:23:464812
62 Mick de Haas / Grace de HaasHRG 1500150019390:06:100:25:13499
19 Chris Woodhouse / Sophia WoodhouseMG L1 Special108719330:03:442:03:075010
35 Elizabeth Heyer / Martin HunterSalmson VAL3 Grand Sport108619261:23:003:05:585114
8 William Gilbertson-Hart / Sholto Gilbertson-HartBentley 4½ Tourer439819281:13:003:26:395215
21 Diarmaid Boland / Mick MorrisseyTalbot AV10530001933 NLC Retired ~
28 Anthony Boland / Orla BolandTalbot AV10530001934 NLC Retired ~
44 Nigel Woof / Sally Woof Riley Lynx14981936 NLC Retired ~
7 Michael Kunz / Carolyn Ward Dodge Senior Six29001928 NLC Retired Engine ~
48 Louisa van Beuningen / Rimmert Sluiter (Rental car)35711936 NLC Unclassified ~




Photography highlights from Vintage Shamrock 2023

For more photos, highlights and high resolution imagery please click on the link below to view Gerard Brown’s website

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1Rob Hubbard (GB) / Don Larkin (IE)Vauxhall 30-98422419241
3Hans Kuipers (NL) / Robert Doornbusch (NL)Bentley 3/4½450019241
4Jonathan Procter (GB) / Simon Coppock (GB)Bentley 3/4½450019251
5Graham Goodwin (GB ) / Marina Goodwin (GB)Bentley Super Sports530019251
6Will Stoneham (GB) / Max Gagnebin (CH)Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost742819241
7Michael Kunz (IE) / Carolyn Ward (GB)Dodge Senior Six290019281
8William Gilbertson-Hart (GB) / Sholto Gilbertson-Hart (GB)Bentley 4½ Tourer439819281
9Nigel Batchelor (GB) / Gina Batchelor (GB)Bentley 4½ Tourer439819281
10Simon Brien (GB) / David Gomes (GB)Bentley Blower450019281
11David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB)Chrysler 75 Roadster407819291
12Eric Kavanagh (IE) / John Kavanagh (IE)Frazer Nash Super Sports149719291
14Andrew Davies (GB) / Anne Davies (GB)Chrysler 75400019291
15Will Stone (GB) / Helen Stone (GB)Bentley 3/4½450019281
16Mickey Gabbett (IE) / Edwina Gaisford-St Laurence (IE)Alvis 12/60 Beetleback164519312
17Hugh Apthorp (GB) / Lesley Apthorp (GB)Bentley 4½ Blower440019311
18Noel Nolan (IE) / Brian Molloy (IE)Alvis Speed 20251119324
19Chris Woodhouse (GB) / Ingrid Woodhouse (GB)MG L1 Special108719332
20John Whitelock (GB) / Nicole Whitelock (GB)Aston Martin 12/50 Le Mans160019332
21Diarmaid Boland (IE) / Mick Morrissey (IE)Talbot AV105300019334
22Tom Callanan (IE) / Brendan O'Donoghue (IE)Ford Model A328019301
23Clint Smith (GB) / Dawn Smith (GB)MG K3110019332
24Alan Beardshaw (GB) / Tina Beardshaw (GB)SS Jaguar 100350019384
25Jack Brien (GB) / Olivia Holroyd (GB)MG NA Magnette127119342
26Peter Gordon (GB) / Jacqueline Gordon (GB)Talbot 90230019344
27Jim Boland (IE) / Neil Sutton (IE)BMW 328197119373
28Anthony Boland (IE) / Orla Boland (IE)Talbot AV105300019344
29Bertie van Houtte (FR) / Charlotte van Houtte (GB)Talbot AV105330019344
30Wilfried Schaefer (DE) / Sandra Schaefer (DE)Talbot 105 Alpine300019344
31David Long (GB) / Byron Ferguson (ZA)Talbot AV105340019344
32James McClean (GB) / Emily Anderson (GB)Bentley Derby Special350019345
33Rob Jeurissen (NL) / Jeanne Jeurissen (NL)Bentley Derby350019345
34Andrew Boland (IE) / Ann Boland (IE)Talbot AV105350019344
35Elizabeth Heyer (GB) / Martin Hunter (GB)Salmson VAL3 Grand Sport108619261
36Irvine Laidlaw (GB) / Annabel Jones (GB)BMW 319190019353
37Stephen Murphy (IE) / Joe Deacon (IE)Frazer Nash-BMW 319/328197119353
38Michael Velasco (GB) / Maria Garcia Fernandez (ES)Bentley Derby Sports366919355
39Willem Vermeulen (NL) / Ellen Vermeulen (NL)Alvis Speed 25430019355
42Steve Robertson (GB) / Julia Robertson (GB)MG PB Tourer93919362
43Nigel Odlum (IE) / Nick Bennett (GB)Riley 12/4150019362
44Nigel Woof (GB) / Sally Woof (GB)Riley Lynx149819362
45Anthony James Boland (IE) / Eoin Boland (IE)Alvis Speed 20268719344
46Chris Abrey (GB) / Sara Banham (GB)BMW 328197119363
47Kenneth MacEwan (GB) / Susan Godfrey (GB)Riley Kestrel 4244319364
48Louisa Van Beuningen (NL) / Rimmert Sluiter (NL)Alvis Speed 25350019365
50Thomas Houlihan (IE) / Edel Murphy (IE)Riley 12/4 Special149619372
51Martin Hunt (GB) / Robert Mannix (IE)Frazer Nash-BMW 328197119373
52Simon Echlin (IE) / Mark Brien (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328197119383
53Peter Lovett (GB) / Zoe Lovett (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328199119373
54Robert Cook (GB) / Geoffrey Morson (GB)Chevrolet Coupe330019374
57Andrew Bailey (IE) / Philippa Bailey (GB)Triumph Dolomite199119383
58Steve Wilson (GB) / Trina Harley (GB)Morris 8 series E109819472
60Peter Neumark (GB) / Ben Cussons (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328191119383
61Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328197119383
62Mick de Haas (NL) / Grace de Haas (NL)HRG 1500150019392
63Francis Rhatigan (IE) / Marie Rhatigan (IE)BMW 327/80195019393
64Gavin Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328197719393
65Jim Gately (USA) / Tony Brooks (GB)Kurtis Comet391619475

Event Highlights

The fourth running of this popular event starts with Documentation and Scrutineering in beautiful County Waterford, before heading out after lunch across the Suir estuary towards New Ross. We tackle the Inistioge hillclimb on our way to the Arrigle Valley, before a visit to Kiltorcan for a test and a regularity at Templeorum. Day one finishes back at our hotel for an evening of socialising and comparing notes.

Our second day sees crews face regularities at Kill, Helvick Head, Drum Hills and Tallow. We have a test through picturesque apple orchards, and head to our home for the next three nights at our hotel in East Cork, and an evening in the local pub. 

From there, we set out the following morning for our longest day on the road. We have a variety of tests on the cards for the day, including one in the grounds of an abbey, and a regularity in the remarkable Comeragh Mountains. The afternoon brings more regularities, at the beautiful Mahon Falls, and at the Lickey River, before returning to the hotel where the evening will be free for you to explore the local surroundings.

Our final day has two very different tests just outside Dungarvan and lunch at Tourin, home to the very artistic Jameson girls and sometime whiskey makers. We head back to the hotel late afternoon, leaving plenty of time to celebrate with a fine evening meal and prize-giving.

An event with unique character, in the company of fellow enthusiasts of pre-war motoring.

Where and when…

Monday 8 May AM

Scrutineering, Signing-On & light lunch, Faithlegg Hotel, County Waterford

Monday 8 May PM

Rally Start, then return to Faithlegg Hotel for an evening Welcome Dinner

Thursday 11 May

Rally Finish & Prize-giving Dinner, Castlemartyr Resort, East Cork
Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1945. Please check with us if you are not sure if your car is eligible.


There will be a number of Regularity sections each day on twisty but quiet minor roads. There will also be a variety of Tests on private land, ranging from car parks and farm tracks to hill-climbs and purpose built motorsport venues.

Roads used:

The route will be mainly on asphalt surfaces although some tests and regularity sections may use good gravel and grass surfaces. We use minor roads to explore areas that few tourists will ever see, some of which may be bumpy, but we go out of our way to avoid rough and pot-holed roads. 


Four nights’ accommodation is provided as part of the entry fee, along with a group dinner on three of those evenings. Refreshments at lunch and coffee halts will also be provided in a variety of venues. On Day 2 there will be a van to assist with transporting your luggage between hotels (sensible weight restrictions will apply).


All of the route will be defined in detailed Road Books issued on a daily basis. Non-competitive sections and some of the Regularity Sections will be defined by Tulip diagrams. Other sections may require some basic map reading but all of the required map extracts will be provided.

Event Category:

Click the link below to read more about Rally the Globe & Irish Racing Green’s partnership.

You can see highlights from previous Shamrock events by clicking the link below.

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