There are few experiences in Europe that can compare to a late-summer drive through the enchanting Glens, across the vast moors and alongside the beautiful Lochs of the Scottish Highlands.

4 to 9 October 2020

Open to all cars of a type built before 31 December 1976.

With the excitement building for our first trip out since the Covid lockdown.
Click the link below to read our Highland Thistle Recce Report

We are confident that this event will be able to go ahead so long as restrictions due to Covid-19 ease as planned. We will continue to assess all relevant regulations and if it becomes impossible to run the event safely we will reimburse in full any entry fees that have been paid.

Event Highlights

Starting from historic St Andrews we meander westwards to stay on the coast in a scenic loch-side hotel. The next day we pass awe-inspiring Glens and mountains before crossing over the sea to sleep on the Isle of Skye, the largest of the Inner Hebrides and home to some of Scotland’s most iconic landscapes.

Returning to the mainland the next day, we cross the country to spend the next two nights close to the cathedral city of Inverness, where we may be lucky enough to catch sight of the Northern Lights (or the Mirrie Dancers as they’re known locally) in a clear night sky. This brace of nights in the same bed will be separated by a foray into the far North and some of the remotest regions of the British Isles.

On the final day the route crosses the Cairngorms, the UK’s largest National Park, and the Tay Bridge before returning to where we started in St Andrews, the home of golf. We will celebrate our achievements that evening with a Gala Dinner and prize-giving back at our luxury hotel, where a few drams may also be on the menu.


KM of driving







Where and when…

Sunday 4 October 2020

Scrutineering, Signing-On & Welcome Dinner, St Andrews

Monday 5 October 2020

Rally Start from St Andrews

Friday 9 October 2020

Rally Finish, Prize-giving & Gala Dinner, St Andrews
Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1976
Separate classification for cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1945
Please check with us if you are not sure your car is eligible.


There will be 3 or 4 Regularity Sections per day on twisty but quiet minor roads, and around 10 Special Tests throughout the event on private land including large car parks, farm tracks, airfields, etc.

Roads used:

Some of the most scenic Scottish minor roads are bumpy so low-slung cars may need to be driven with care, but we will avoid rough, potholed and unsurfaced roads as much as possible.


We will use top quality hotels wherever these are available and provide a tasty lunch and group dinner every day. We will provide a van to transport your luggage between hotels (weight restrictions will apply).


All non-competitive sections and around half of the Regularity Sections will be defined by a detailed tulip Road Book. The remaining Regularity Sections will involve simple map reading using map extracts that will be provided in the Road Book.

View the published entry list by clicking the link below!

No. Crew Vehicle CC Year Class
1 Susan Shoosmith / Trina Harley Bentley 3 / 4½ 4398 1926 A2
2 Graham Goodwin / Marina Goodwin Bentley Super Sports 5300 1925 A2
3 Keith Ashworth / Norah Ashworth Bentley 4½ Le Mans 4600 1927 A2
4 Carl-Peter Forster / Carl-Ferdinand Forster Bentley 3 / 4 ½ 4500 1926 A2
5 Reto Mebes / Hans-Jürgen Benze Bentley 3 / 4 ½ 4500 1930 A2
7 Manuel Dubs / Irene Dubs Rockne Six 75 3365 1932 A3
9 Wilfried Schaefer / Sandra Schaefer Talbot 105 Alpine 3300 1934 A3
10 Andrew Boland / Ann Boland Ford V8 Convertible 3600 1936 A3
11 Gavin Henderson / Diana Henderson Frazer Nash BMW 328 1990 1939 A3
14 Carlos Rieder / Urs Schnüriger Buick Century 66S 5200 1939 A3
16 Mark Venezia / Heather Venezia Jaguar XK140 3800 1954 A3
17 George Cooper / Ghadir Cooper Jaguar Mark 1 3400 1958 B1
19 Mike Harrison / Lorna Harrison Triumph TR3A 2188 1959 B1
20 Phillip Monks / Patricia Monks Jaguar MK II 3442 1961 B1
22 Charles Stuart-Menteth / Sophie Stuart-Menteth MGA MK2 1800 1962 B1
25 Colin Weekley / Veronica Weekley Austin Healey 3000 2912 1960 B1
21 Nigel Woof / Sally Woof Triumph TR4 2138 1962 B2
23 Peter Gordon / Griz Gordon Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint 1600 1963 B2
26 Steve Verrall / Jenny Verrall Porsche 911 1991 1965 B2
27 Clinton Smith / Dawn Smith Porsche 911 1991 1965 B2
28 Alan Beardshaw / Tina Beardshaw Aston Martin DB5 3996 1965 B2
29 David Roberts / Jo Roberts Triumph TR4 2138 1963 B2
31 Richard Phillipson / Catherine Phillipson Austin Mini 1000 1293 1974 B2
33 Stephen Hardwick / Samantha Hardwick Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1962 1971 B3
34 Andrew Long / Gina Long Datsun 240Z 2400 1972 B3
35 Steve Young / Deborah Woollard Datsun 240Z 2753 1972 B3
38 Peter Morton / Louise Morton BMW 2002 1990 1973 B3
39 Ean Lewin / Alison Lewin Ford Escort Mexico 1601 1973 B3
40 Andrew Laing / Ian Milne Datsun 240Z 2400 1973 B3

A2 – Vintage (cars of a specification built up to 31/12/30)

A3 – Post Vintage (cars of a specification built up to 31/12/45)

B1 – Early Classic (cars of a specification built up to 31/12/60)

B2 – Classic (cars of a specification built up to 31/12/67)

B3 – Late Classic (cars of a specification built up to 31/12/76)

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