Long-distance, historic rally competitors are well aware of the interest which family and friends have in our adventures.  Sadly, the younger generation usually do not have the time (yet!) to follow in our footsteps, so we have decided to create a shorter, weekend event to serve as an introduction to our hobby for our sons, daughters, nephews, nieces and any other family members or close friends.

26 to 28 March 2021

Lake District, North Pennines, Yorkshire Dales

Event Highlights

Based in a single hotel on the edge of the Lake District, proceedings will start on Friday morning with the normal pre-event formalities of scrutineering and signing-on. After a light lunch, the rally starts with a short scenic route to introduce newcomers to the ideas of Regularity Sections and Tests. The evening will see us all dining together for a Welcome Dinner, giving the chance to socialise with like-minded people and learn from the mistakes of others!

Saturday sees us heading further afield for a full day of competition in and around the beautiful, quiet roads of the Yorkshire Dales and Northern Pennines. The Tests and Regularities will increase slightly in difficulty as the day progresses and the crews become familiar with the techniques involved.  Safely back at base, drinks and dinner will again be a great time to discuss the day’s successes or otherwise.

Sunday will feature a morning of competition with enough twists and turns to sort out the final positions. Lunch and an early afternoon prize-giving will allow for a timely departure for home – after what we are confident will have been a fantastic introduction of our hobby to the next generation.

We hope you can join us!

Where and when…

Friday 26 March

AM: Scrutineering and Signing-on
PM: Rally Start
Eve: Welcome Dinner

Sunday 28 March

Lunch: Rally Finish and Prize-giving
Eligible Crew:

Each crew should consist of members of two distinct Generations – ideally from the same family.

Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1985
Separate classification for cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1945
Please check with us if you are not sure your car is eligible.


There will be Regularity Sections each day on twisty but quiet minor roads. Special Tests will also take place throughout the event on private land, which can include farm tracks and large car parks.

Roads used:

Some of the most scenic roads in the area can be bumpy so low-slung cars may need to be driven with care, but we will avoid rough, potholed and unsurfaced roads as much as possible. 


Our high-class accommodation will also be the venue for dinner each evening, and for a Prize-giving Gala Lunch on the final day.  


The rally navigation will utilise a tulip Road Book with simple Regularities and Tests to start with, getting a little more complicated as the event progresses. Some of the sections towards the end of the event will require you to use map extracts that will be provided.

Tuition will be given before the start for crews that haven’t taken part in this type of rallying before, and Rally the Globe mentor teams will be on hand throughout the event to help with any queries.

Event Category:

View the the published entry list by clicking the link below!

No. Crew Vehicle CC Year Class
- Gavin Henderson (GB) / Anastasia Djordjevic (USA) Bentley 3 / 4½ 4500 1922 -
- Graham Goodwin (GB) / Mitali Agarwal (TBA) Bentley Super Sports 5300 1925 -
- Craig McWilliam (GB) / Cosmo McWilliam (GB) Frazer Nash Super Sports 1500 1927 -
- Bill Holroyd (GB) / Olivia Holroyd (GB) Frazer Nash TT Rep 1479 1932 -
- Theo Hunt (GB) / Olivia Hunt (GB) Frazer Nash TT Rep 1496 1933 -
- Pierre van Houtte (GB) / Charlotte van Houtte (GB) Frazer Nash TT Rep 1490 1934 -
- Michael Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB) Frazer Nash TT Rep 1500 1934 -
- Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (GB) / James Blakeney-Edwards (GB) Frazer Nash Saloon 1496 1934 -
- Andrew Long (GB) / James Long (GB) Bentley Derby 4250 1936 -
- Anthony Strelzow (CDN) / Desmond Strelzow (CDN) Bentley Derby DHC 4250 1936 -
- Martin Hunt (GB) / Georgemma Hunt (GB) Frazer Nash BMW 328 1971 1937 -
- Bertie van Houtte (F) / Eddie van Houtte (GB) Frazer Nash BMW 328 1970 1938 -
- Rory Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB) Frazer Nash BMW 328 1990 1939 -
- Jim Gately (USA) / Shane Gately (USA) Kurtis Comet 3916 1947 -
- Adrian Hodgson (GB) / Geoff Hodgson (GB) Austin A90 Westminster 2912 1955 -
- Phillip Monks (GB) / Alexandra Monks (GB) Jaguar MK II 3442 1961 -
- Nigel Woof (GB) / William Woof (GB) Triumph TR4 2138 1962 -
- Nick Sleep (GB) / Jessica Sleep (GB) Mercedes-Benz 230SL 2778 1964 -
- Willem Hoogsteder (NL) / Fiona Hoogsteder (NL) Aston Martin DB6 1995 1969 -
- Daniel Wiedemann (GB) / Benoit Wiedemann (GB) Porsche 911 2811 1972 -
- Louise Morton (GB) / Zoe Kremer (GB) Porsche 912 1994 1973
- Peter Morton (GB) / Marianne Curtis (GB) BMW 2002 1995 1973
- Frank Hofmann (DE) / Eleenor Keefe (GB) Puma GT 1600 1974 -
- Michael Kershaw (GB) / Victoria Kershaw (GB) Aston Martin V8 5700 1979 -
- Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB) TBA TBA TBA -
- Stephen Hardwick (GB) / TBA (TBA) TBA TBA TBA -
- Jo Roberts (GB) / TBA (TBA) TBA TBA TBA -
- David Roberts (GB) / Lindsey Roberts (GB) TBA TBA TBA -
- Arthur Brouwer (NL) / Marit Brouwer (NL) TBA TBA TBA -
- Andrew Boland (IRE) / Sarah Boland (IRE) TBA TBA TBA -

Request an entry form

To request an entry form for Generations Rally, please contact our the Rally the Globe office on +44 (0) 113 360 8961, or email directly via info@rallytheglobe.com

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