Stunning roads off the main tourist trail, exhilarating vistas, historical sights and countless vineyards.

4 to 15 June 2023

From the Normandy coast to the Mediterranean and glorious Cannes.

Video highlights from Carrera Riviera

Daily Dispatch – Carrera Riviera

Photography highlights from Carrera Riviera

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Age Category Class Day

Day 11. Tourettes - Cannes. 175.88km

No.Participants NameVehicleCCYearDay TotalOverall TotalCategory Pos.Class Pos.
19Simon & Jack BrienJaguar C-Type3400195210:3611
43Tomasz Dzitko & Beata SiwekMGB GT1798197320:3621
10Martin & Olivia HuntFrazer Nash-BMW 3281971193710:4531
4Graham & Marina GoodwinBentley Supersports5300192520:4941
37Neil Smith & Trevor SkillenPorsche 9112700196930:5351
42Ean & Alison LewinFord Escort Mexico1601197341:0562
2Gavin & Diana HendersonFrazer Nash-BMW 3281977193931:2372
14David Gomes & Mark BrienFrazer Nash-BMW 3281971193841:2983
3Andrew & Ann BolandBentley 3/4½4500192551:3492
31Manuel & Irene DubsFord Mustang V8 Convertible4728196551:45102
28Marco & Claudia HalterFord Falcon Coupe5400196362:18113
23David & Jo RobertsJaguar XK1503442195972:20122
35Neil & Peta OatleyAlpine A1101800202112:21131
11Bob Cook & Geoff MorsonChevrolet Coupe3300193762:53144
40Carlos & Martina RiederAlfa Romeo 1750 Berlina1750197082:57153
32Tim & Matt WheatleyVolvo 122 S1800196693:03164
47Adrian Hodgson & David GainerChrysler Galant16001973103:03175
25Phillip & Patricia MonksJaguar Mk 234421961113:13183
6Chris & Rita DillierFord Model A3236193073:22193
39Daniel & Barbara WiedemannMercedes-Benz 280 SL27781970123:31204
44Joe & Maggie HayesPorsche 91130001973134:04215
16Renate Hanselmann & Lukas OspeltFord Model 91A3600193984:18225
29Enrico Paggi & Federica MascettiAlfa Romeo Giulia Spider16001964144:51236
33Felix & Magi EberleJaguar S Type34401966155:26246
9Paul & Mariella KirkhamFord Model 40 B Tudor3622193495:26256
27Beat Erni & Barbara MahrenholzSunbeam Alpine16001963166:11264
7Oliver & Elke TreutleinBentley 4/8 Litre79831931107:15277
24Kurt & Diethild BockMercedes-Benz 300 SL29751960178:18285
18Keith & Norah AshworthJaguar XK140344219551813:26296
20Brian & Catherine ScowcroftAllard J2 Convertible548919501931:22307
8Peter & Louise MortonAlvis Speed 20430019321154:36318
46Phillip & Lynda BlundenMGB GT180019742011:49327
15Francis & Marie RhatiganBMW 327/80195019391217:39339
21Declan & Triona CostelloJaguar XK120 DHC340019542125:51348
5Bill & Julie HolroydBentley 4½439819271332:25354
34Rob Collinge & Tony Brooks(Ford Mustang)49481966242:51362
41Andrew & Gina LongDatsun 240Z240019722222:58377
38Keith Graham & Susan HoffmannMercedes-Benz 280 SL277819692352:41388
22Josef & Adelheid Dillier(Jaguar XK140 Coupe)34001955336:07393
30Hermann & Gisella Frye-HammelmannJaguar MK 2378019642444:09409
1John & Catherine HarrisonLa France Roadster145001917146:00415
45Otakar Chládek & Hana NeumitkováMercedes-Benz 350 SL34991973250:29429


1John Harrison (GB) / Catherine Harrison (GB)La France Roadster145001917-
2Gavin Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB)Frazer Nash BMW 32819771939-
3Andrew Boland (IE) / Ann Boland (IE)Bentley 3/4½45001925-
4Graham Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB)Bentley Supersports53001925-
5Bill Holroyd (GB) / Julie Holroyd (GB)Bentley 4½43981927-
6Christian Dillier (CH) / Rita Dillier (CH)Ford Model A32361930-
7Oliver Treutlein (DE) / Elke Treutlein (DE)Bentley 4/8 Litre79831931-
8Peter Morton (GB) / Louise Morton (GB)Alvis Speed 2043001932-
9Paul Kirkham (AUS) / Mariella Kirkham (AUS)Ford Model 40 B Tudor36221934-
10Martin Hunt (GB) / Olivia Hunt (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 32819711937-
11Robert Cook (GB) / Geoffrey Morson (GB)Chevrolet Coupe33001937-
14David Gomes (GB) / Mark Brien (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 32819711938-
15Francis Rhatigan (IE) / Marie Rhatigan (IE)BMW 327/8019501939-
16Renate Hanselmann (FL) / Lukas Ospelt (FL)Ford Model 91A36001939-
18Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB)Jaguar XK14034421955-
19Simon Brien (GB) / Jack Brien (GB)Jaguar C-type34001952-
20Brian Scowcroft (GB) / Catherine Scowcroft (GB)Allard J2 Convertible54891950-
21Declan Costello (IE) / Triona Costello (IE)Jaguar XK120 DHC34001954-
22Joe Dillier (CH) / Heidi Dillier (CH)Jaguar XK140 Coupe34001955-
23David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB)Jaguar XK15034421959-
24Kurt Bock (DE) / Diethild Bock (DE)Mercedes-Benz 300 SL29751960-
25Phillip Monks (GB) / Patricia Monks (GB)Jaguar Mk 234421961-
27Beat Erni (CH) / Barbara Mahrenholz (CH)Sunbeam Alpine16001963-
28Marco Halter (CH) / Claudia Halter (DE)Ford Falcon Coupe54001963-
29Enrico Paggi (IT) / Federica Mascetti (IT)Alfa Romeo16001964-
30Hermann Frye-Hammelmann (DE) / Gisela Hammelmann (DE)Jaguar MK 237801964-
31Manuel Dubs (CH) / Irene Dubs (CH)Ford Mustang V8 Convertible47281965-
32Tim Wheatley (GB) / Matt Wheatley (GB)Volvo 122 S Amazon18001966-
33Felix Eberle (CH) / Magi Eberle (CH)Jaguar S Type34401966-
34Robert Collinge (GB) / Tony Brooks (GB)Ford Mustang49481966-
35Neil Oatley (GB) / Peta Oatley (GB)Lancia Fulvia13001967-
37Neil Smith (GB) / Trevor Skillen (CA)Porsche 91127001969-
38Keith Graham (GB) / Susan Hoffmann (GB)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL27781969-
39Daniel Wiedemann (FR) / Barbara Wiedemann (FR)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL27781970-
40Carlos Rieder (CH) / Martina Rieder (CH) Alfa Romeo Berlina17501970-
41Andrew Long (GB) / Gina Long (GB)Datsun24001972-
42Ean Lewin (GB) / Alison Lewin (GB)Ford Escort Mexico16011973-
43Tomasz Dzitko (PL) / Beata Siwek (PL)MG BGT17981973-
44Joe Hayes (USA) / Maggie Hayes (USA)Porsche 91130001973-
45Otakar Chládek (CZ) / Hana Neumitková (CZ)Mercedes-Benz 350 SL34991973-
46Phillip Blunden (AUS) / Lynda Blunden (AUS)MGB GT18001974-
47Adrian Hodgson (GB) / David Gainer (AU)Chrysler Galant16001973-

Event Highlights

The fourth in Rally the Globe’s popular Carrera series of events will take eleven days to explore the array of scenic delights and perfect driving roads that France has to offer, utilising the unparalleled knowledge and support of our French Route Coordinator – legendary co-driver Denis Giraudet. 

Starting in the chic 19th century seaside resort of Deauville on the Normandy coast, we set out in to the pays D’Auge and a scenic route through beautiful, historic towns on our way to Chambord. The route takes us through the Chateaux de Loire region, famous for its castles, to an overnight stop in La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast.

We continue along the way with a night in Cognac, before heading east to a rather splendid, privately owned racing circuit for a test and some refreshment. We spend an afternoon in Le Forêt de la Double, before heading to what is probably the most famous wine-producing region in the world, Bordeaux. Here a rest day awaits in our spa hotel in Saint-Emilion.

Fully rejuvenated, crews head into the mountains for the first time, before we arrive in the world famous mediaeval city of Carcassonne. From there, serious rally country awaits, in particular roads made famous by the legendary Rallye Monte Carlo, as we head north to Valence.

The next day we lunch in the Ardeche, before descending into the Rhone Valley then into the Alps and our overnight halt in the ski resort of Courchevel. The next day brings us high mountain passes and stunning canyons, with our penultimate night spent in the Var countryside.

The mountains behind Nice and the legendary Col de Turini will provide the morning’s entertainment, before a short, but twisty, descent to the Riviera and our finish in opulent Cannes, where we plan to celebrate in style on the beach at our hotel on the famous Boulevard La Croisette.

Where and when…

Sunday 4 June

Scrutineering, Signing-On & Welcome Dinner, Deauville

Monday 5 June

Rally Start, Deauville

Thursday 15 June

Rally Finish & Prize-giving Dinner, Cannes
Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1976. Separate classification for cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1945. Please check with us if you are not sure if your car is eligible.


There will be two or three Regularity sections each day on twisty but quiet minor roads. On most days there will be a Test on private land, test tracks and race circuits.

Roads used:

All-asphalt surfaces will be used. We use minor roads to explore areas that few tourists will ever see, some of which may be bumpy, but we go out of our way to avoid rough roads.


We will use top quality hotels and provide a group dinner most evenings, other than on non-driving and some other days. Lunches and coffee halts will also be provided in a variety of venues. We will provide a van to assist with transporting your luggage between hotels (sensible weight restrictions will apply).


The entire route will be defined by a tulip Road Book and overview route maps will be provided.

Event Category:

Request an Entry Form

We have now reached our entry limit for the Carrera Riviera.

If there are any withdrawals from the event, crews on the Reserve List will be given the first opportunity to take up these places. You can also contact the Rally the Globe office on +44 (0)113 360 8961, or email directly via

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Rally the Globe is a not-for-profit club that exists to support a broad family of motorsport enthusiasts who want to explore the world in historic and classic vehicles. All our club’s rallies come with highly experienced support crew and safety cover including:

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