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Highlights from the Carrera Iberia 2019

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Carrera Iberia 2019 – Daily Dispatch – All the action

Class Day

Day 1: Santander to Rioja – 310km

No.Participants NameVehicleCCYearDay TotalOverall TotalOverall Pos.Class Pos.
4Graham Goodwin / Marina GoodwinBentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans450019290:00:030:00:0311
9Jim Gately / Tony BrooksKurtis Comet391619470:00:030:00:0321
12Mike & Lorna HarrisonTriumph TR3A218819590:00:030:00:0331
15David & Jo RobertsTriumph TR4213819630:00:060:00:0642
10Anton Gonnissen / Inge WillemenBentley Speed 8576019480:00:110:00:1152
18Manuel & Irene DubsFord Mustang V8 Convertible472819650:00:180:00:1861
31David & Susan DanglardPorsche 911240019730:00:200:00:2071
16Sholto Gilbertson / Caspar KillickJaguar E-Type380019640:00:330:00:3382
19Stephen & Samantha HardwickFord Falcon500019650:00:340:00:3493
2Bertie Van Houtte / Charlotte Van HoutteBentley 3-4 1⁄2450019250:00:350:00:35102
24Neil & Peta OatleyLancia Fulvia 1.3S Rallye130019670:00:500:00:50113
32Andrew Laing / Ian MilneDatsun 240Z240019740:00:550:00:55122
21Jeremy & Jenny ClaytonFord Mustang470019660:00:580:00:58134
3Keith Ashworth / Norah AshworthBentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans450019270:00:590:00:59143
6Anthony Strelzow / Lee-Ann StrelzowBentley Derby Drophead Coupe425019360:01:010:01:01153
27Clemens & Emilia LansingPorsche 911 Targa234019710:01:060:01:06163
29Anthony & Sonja VerloopMGB GT V8352819730:01:110:01:11173
23Roland Singer / Bernhard ZieglerSaab 96 V4150019660:01:140:01:14184
1Gavin Henderson / Diana HendersonBentley 3-4 1⁄2439819220:01:230:01:23194
26Rogier Quekel / Marjan te VeldeMercedes-Benz 280SE349919700:01:260:01:26204
17Alan & Tina BeardshawAston Martin DB5396619650:01:420:01:42216
11Christof Ley / Len TreeterMercedes-Benz Ponton 220S219519580:01:440:01:44225
14Charles & Nicola Stuart-MentethMGA MK2180019620:01:440:01:44235
20Roy & Rachel StephensonFord Mustang470019650:01:490:01:49247
7Paul & Matthew HartfieldPackard Super 8 Sedan524019360:01:570:01:57254
8Andrew & Gina LongBentley Derby VDP425019370:02:150:02:15265
22Mick & Grace de HaasMercedes-Benz 230SL230019660:02:280:02:28277
30Wilfried & Sandra SchaeferPorsche 911S231119730:03:000:03:00285
28Otakar Chládek / Jindřiška ŽemličkováMercedes-Benz 350SL Cabrio350019710:03:170:03:17296
5Clint Smith / Dawn SmithBentley Speed Six650019290:17:260:17:26305

Class Results


Detailed Results

Car 20 not eligible for overall awards

1 – Vintage
2 – Vintageant
3 – Classics up to 3501cc – up to 1969
4 – Classics up to 3501cc – 1970–1976
5 – Classics 3501cc and over

1Gavin Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB)Bentley 3-4 1⁄2439819221
2Bertie Van Houtte (F) / Charlotte Van Houtte (GB)Bentley 3-4 1⁄2450019251
3Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB)Bentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans450019271
4Graham Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB)Bentley Speed 3-41⁄2450019271
5Clint Smith (GB) / Dawn Smith (GB)Bentley Speed Six650019291
6Anthony Strelzow (CDN) / Lee-Ann Strelzow (CDN)Bentley Derby Drophead Coupe425019362
7Paul Hartfield (GB) / Matthew Hartfield (GB)Packard Super 8 Sedan524019362
8Andrew Long (GB) / Gina Long (GB)Bentley Derby VDP425019372
9Jim Gately (USA) / Tony Brooks (GB)Kurtis Comet391619472
10Anton Gonnissen (B) / Inge Willemen (B)Bentley Speed 8576019482
11Christof Ley (D) / Len Treeter (CDN)Mercedes-Benz Ponton 220S219519583
12Mike Harrison (GB) / Lorna Harrison (GB)Triumph TR3A218819593
14Charles Stuart-Menteth (GB) / Nicola Stuart-Menteth (GB)MGA MK2180019623
15David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB)Triumph TR4213819633
16Sholto Gilbertson (GB) / Caspar Killick (GB)Jaguar E-Type380019645
17Alan Beardshaw (GB) / Tina Beardshaw (GB)Aston Martin DB5399619655
18Manuel Dubs (CH) / Irene Dubs (CH)Ford Mustang V8 Convertible472819655
19Stephen Hardwick (GB) / Samantha Hardwick (GB)Ford Falcon500019655
20Roy Stephenson (GB) / Rachel Stephenson (GB)Ford Mustang470019655
21Jeremy Clayton (GB) / Jenny Clayton (GB)Ford Mustang470019665
22Mick de Haas (NL) / Grace de Haas (NL)Mercedes-Benz 230SL230019664
23Roland Singer (A) / Bernhard Ziegler (A)Saab 96 V4150019664
24Neil Oatley (GB) / Peta Oatley (GB)Lancia Fulvia 1.3S Rallye130019674
25Isabelle Mathew (GB) / Denise Seely (GB)Mercedes-Benz 230SL230019674
26Rogier Quekel (NL) / Marjan te Velde (NL)Mercedes-Benz 280SE349919704
27Clemens Lansing (D) / Emilia Lansing (D)Porsche 911 Targa234019714
28Otakar Chládek (CZ) / Jindřiška Žemličková (CZ)Mercedes-Benz 350SL Cabrio350019714
29Anthony Verloop (NL) / Sonja Verloop (NL)MGB GT V8352819735
30Wilfried Schaefer (D) / Sandra Schaefer (D)Porsche 911S231119734
31David Danglard (USA) / Susan Danglard (USA)Porsche 911240019734
32Andrew Laing (GB) / Ian Milne (GB)Datsun 240Z240019744

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From the picturesque Bay of Biscay, we embark on a rally adventure that combines historic hotels in stunning locations alongside twisting mountain roads and race tracks that will certainly test your skills. However, don’t worry as this event is aimed at both the amateur and more experienced crews alike.

Rally Director, Fred Gallagher, has planned a route off the beaten track, on roads difficult to discover without local knowledge, through vineyards, quaint towns, rolling green hills and atmospheric medieval citadels. We travel on traffic-free scenic roads, perfect for historic cars, with memorable steep hill climbs and downhill sections that promise amazing views. Although this is a competitive event with plenty of opportunities to test a team’s skills, there will also be ample time to enjoy the tapas, try the excellent wine and the best port of the many vineyards, and enjoy spectacular and varied scenery.

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