27 August to 26 September 2023

Three countries, crossing 38 lines of latitude in 30 days and one unforgettable journey. Pack your determination, competitive spirit, and sense of true adventure.

Alaska & USA, Canada and Mexico

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-Etienne Veen (CH) / Lidy Veen (CH)Bentley Speed 665001926-
-Graham Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB)Bentley 4½ Le Mans45001927-
-Michael Birch (GB) / Wendy Birch (GB)Bentley 4½45001928-
-L Harman (USA) / TBAFord Model A Victoria20001931-
-Stephen lambert (AU) / Ruth Lambert (AU)Ford Fordor 48 V827431935-
-Brian Scowcroft (GB) / Catherine Scowcroft (GB)Chevrolet Fangio Coupe33001936-
-Tim Eades (USA) / Jim McLaren (USA)Ford Cabriolet46001936-
-Jim Gately (USA) / Tony Brooks (GB)Cadillac 60 series56701937-
-Chris Grace (USA)/ Kathy Grace (USA)Chevolet Coupe35401938-
-Richard Turner (GB) / Nigel Lee (GB)Ford Model 6237001938-
-Tony Rowe (GB) / TBAFord DeLuxe V8 91A Coupe36001939-
-Manuel Dubs (CH) / Irene Dubs (CH)Ford Coupe36191940-
-Adrian Hodgson (GB) / Christine Hodgson (GB)Austin A90 Westminster29121955-
-Jeff Urbina (USA) / Chris Pike (NZ)Chevrolet 210 Belair46381957-
-Mike Harrison (GB) / Lorna Harrison (GB)Volvo PV54418001959-
-Stephen John Partridge (NZ ) / TBCFord Galaxie64001961-
-Nick Sleep (GB) / Serita Sleep (GB)Mercedes-Benz 230 SL27781964-
-Phillip Blunden (AUS) / Lyndy Blunden (AUS)Holden EH Special30001964-
-Neil Smith (GB) / Trevor Skillen (GB)Sunbeam Tiger Mk143001964-
-Roy Stephenson (GB) / Rachel Stephenson (GB)Ford Mustang47001965-
-Steve Verrall (GB)/ Jenny Verrall (GB)Porsche 91119911965-
-Claudine Bloom (GB) / Andrew Twort (GB)Volvo Amazon 12017801965-
-Stan Gold (USA) / Brant Parsons (USA) (Porsche 91120001965-
-Bernard Mattei (FR) / Denise Mattei (FR)Ford Mustang Fastback28901965-
-Bill Shields (USA) / Alex Schoenauer (USA)Chevrolet Camaro53601967-
-Anthony Verloop (NL) / Sonja Verloop (NL)Mercedes-Benz 280 SE27481968-
-David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB)Triumph TR 25024981968-
-Steven Hitchins (GB) / Midori Hitchins (JP)Ford Mustang Shelby50001968-
-Michael Wilkinson (AUS) / Anna Wilkinson (AUS)Holden HK41001968-
-Barry Nash (GB) / Malcolm Lister (GB)Rover P5B35311969-
-James Grayson (GB)/ Simon Spinks (GB)Ford Escort17601969-
-Otakar Chládek (CZ) / TBAMercedes-Benz 350 SL35001971-
-Peter Kruse (CH) / Andreas Honegger (CH)Mercedes-Benz 280 CE27451973-
-Daniel Day (USA) / TBAPontiac Trans Am65001975-
-Fritrz Kozka (DE)/ Gabi Kozka (DE)Porsche 92419501978-
-Gerd Bühler (DE) / TBAMercedez-Benz 450 SLC44981979-
-Michael Kershaw (GB) / TBARange Rover45001981-
-Andrew McAlpine (GB) /TBARanger Rover35001982-
-Ean Lewin (GB) / Alison Lewin (GB)TBATBATBA-
-Jean-Philippe Tripet (CH) / Iris Tripet (CH)TBATBATBA-
-John Whitelock (GB) / Nicole Whitelock (GB)TBATBATBA-
-Stephen Hardwick (GB) / Samantha Hardwick (GB)TBATBATBA-
-Andrew Boland (IRL) / Ann Boland (IRL)TBATBATBA-
-Clint Smith (GB) / Dawn Smith (GB)TBATBATBA-
-Alex Muacevic (DE)/ Mel Muacevic (DE)TBATBATBA-
-Thomas Stern (DE) / Frank Bertram (DE)TBATBATBA-
-Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB)TBATBATBA-
-John Pyle (GB) / Daisy Pyle (GB)TBATBATBA-

Event Highlights

This incredible Marathon event will see crews journeying 12,000km south from the vast wilderness of unique wildlife and striking landscapes of Alaska to the tropical beaches of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. 

The extraordinarily diverse route will traverse asphalt and gravel roads lined with snow-capped mountains, wide open landscapes, alpine scenery, rugged deserts, ancient canyons, towering rock formations, beautiful beaches, giant sand dunes and tranquil fishing villages. 

We begin in Gold Rush country surrounded by snowy peaks with old mining outposts dotting the unspoilt expanse of Alaska and the Yukon, where distances are great, and civilisation is minimal. Snaking south through Canada, the high mountain views give way to lush pastures. We stop in Dawson Creek where all facilities are available. The wine country of Southern Canada will be a surprise to most before we cross into the USA just south of Osoyoos.

Washington State has Pacific rainforests, alpine scenery and wineries and we shall take a rest day in the quaint wine town of Walla Walla. Oregon and Idaho have more of the same, but the climate gradually gets more arid, and race and speedways become more frequent alongside the abundance of gravel roads to keep us occupied. In Nevada and Utah the sky gets bigger, sandy and rugged vistas dominate, and a rest day in Moab will allow crews to explore and appreciate these all the more.

Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona arrive in quick succession and the incredible sand and gravel tracks promise intense competition in the most unreal and picturesque of surroundings and quirky, friendly desert towns will welcome us for refreshments and exploration, with a final day off in a luxurious resort in Tucson.

Everything changes dramatically as we cross into Mexico and our first overnight on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in Puerto Peñasco. From here the scenery becomes turquoise ocean bays, white sand beaches, quiet fishing villages, and colonial architecture. The next five days see lots of dusty tracks, challenging regularities, cactuses, big hats, tequila and great driving.

Finally, after a month of intense driving, competition, adventure and camaraderie we arrive at the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula. The resort town of Cabo San Lucas will welcome the rally with open arms, and this is where the real party begins!

To see more of the Alaska to Mexico Marathon highlights, take a look at the full brochure available at the bottom of the page.

Where and when…

Sunday 27 August 2023

Scrutineering, Signing-On and Welcome Dinner, Anchorage, Alaska

Monday 28 August 2023

Rally Start, Anchorage, Alaska

Tuesday 26 September 2023

Rally Finish and Prize-giving Dinner, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1976. Separate classification for cars of a specification produced before the end 31 December 1945. Please check with us if you are not sure your car is eligible.


You will encounter some Regularity sections, where you will try to arrive at secret checks at a precise time. The technique is easily learnt; mastering them may take a few days. We have also planned tests on private land, tracks and circuits.  Time Control Sections may be included on remote roads. Underlying the competitive elements will be the basic challenge of driving across a continent in a fifty-year-old car. Your preparation, ingenuity and resilience will all be tested.

Roads used:

A variety of terrain, including regular gravel and sandy sections. We use minor roads to explore areas that few tourists will ever see, some of which will present driving challenges. We go out of our way to avoid really rough roads where possible.


Accommodation is included in a shared room (double or twin). Single rooms are available for a supplementary fee but may be limited at some hotels. We strive to provide good quality accommodation wherever it is available. In some of the remoter parts of the route our options are severely limited, but when we are in more mainstream locations, and particularly during rest days, the hotels will be top quality. Dinner and other refreshments will be provided on most competition days. A light lunch will be included where this is possible.


The entire route will be defined by a detailed tulip Road Book and overview route maps will be provided.

Event Category:

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