Throughout wonderful Kenya & Tanzania

15 February to 5 March 2020

Explore some of the world’s great game viewing areas, avoiding the crowds, on an exclusive and exhilarating East African expedition.

Who is this rally for? Simple answer – anyone

Although bear in mind, with lots of gravel sections, your car will need to be appropriately prepared. Please call Rally the Globe HQ if you have any questions.

Event Characteristics

A rally that promises diverse wildlife, varied landscapes and cultural experiences on spectacular drives across teeming game reserves and national parks, stopping in top notch safari lodges and luxury hotels.  This is an adventure aimed at both amateur and more experienced crews alike, so if this is your first rally adventure outside Europe – Hakuna Matata*.

Rally Director, Fred Gallagher, has planned a route that avoids the crowds and visits some of the more exclusive game reserves.  This includes a stop at the private estate of Lord and Lady Delamere, who are themselves true rally enthusiasts.  Exhilarating drives will give us amazing views of snow-capped mountains, including Kilimanjaro, and take us through wildlife-rich plains and grasslands where we can expect to see elephants, giraffes, cape buffalo, lions and hippos, as well as hundreds of different birds. There are plenty of tests and regularity sections on the menu to ensure a competitive edge to this expedition, but the pace ensures there will also be plenty of time to enjoy leisurely dining in style and see the abundant game in fascinating landscapes.

*Swahili for “No Problem”


KM of driving




Open air dinners of which 3 are next to the Indian Ocean


National Parks


Game drives of different types


Tests on Private Land


In Watamu, Administrative Checks and Scrutineering will take place at the Rally Headquarters on Saturday 15 February 2020.  The evening will see a drinks reception and a special Rally the Globe welcome dinner with the Indian Ocean as our backdrop.

View the entry list for Southern Cross below!

No. Crew Vehicle CC Year Class
Charles Stuart-Menteth (GB) / Nicola Stuart-Menteth (GB) Vauxhall 30/98 4224 1924
Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB) Bentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans 4500 1927
Roland Frey (CH) / Helen Frey (CH) Bentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans 4398 1928
Graham Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB) Bentley 4 1⁄2 Le Mans 4500 1929
Willy Van Loon (B) / Christiane Torfs (B) Bentley Derby 3 1⁄2 3669 1935
Rob Collinge / Thomas Hansen (DK) Willys Jeep 2200 1954
Dieter Baumhäckel (DE) / Hildegard Baumhäckel (DE) Volvo PV544 2300 1961
Gavin Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB) Porsche 911 1991 1965
Boris Gruzman (USA) / David Ferguson (USA) Jaguar XKE 4200 1966
Keith Graham (GB) / Susan Hoffmann (GB) Mercedes-Benz 280SL 2778 1969
Rogier Quekel (NL) / Marjan Quekel (NL) Mercedes-Benz 280SE 3499 1970
Enrico Paggi (IT) / Federica Mascetti (IT) Fiat 124 Spider BS1 1608 1971
Bernd Dannenmaier (DE) / Christiane Dannenmaier (DE) Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 3878 1972
Edmund Peel (GB) / Sara MacDonald (GB) Porsche 911 2700 1973
Reto Mebes (CH) / Hans-Jűrgen Benze (D) Mercedes-Benz 280SLC 2717 1975
Jean-Philippe Tripet (CH) / Iris Tripet (CH) Audi 80 GTE 1577 1976
Andrew Laing (GB) / Ian Milne (GB) Peugeot 504 Coupe 2664 1977
Lars Rolner (DK) / Annette Rolner (DK) TBA TBA TBA
Clint Smith (GB) / Dawn Smith (GB) TBA TBA TBA
Stephen Verrall (GB) / Jenny Verrall (GB) TBA TBA TBA
David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB) TBA TBA TBA
Alan Beardshaw (GB) / Tina Beardshaw (GB) TBA TBA TBA
Denis Wilson (GB) / Jill Wilson (GB) TBA TBA TBA

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