It is with much regret that Rally the Globe have taken the decision to postpone the Highland Thistle Rally from October 2020 to the late summer of 2021.

It has been extensively reported that the prevalence of Covid-19 around Scotland (as with the rest of Europe) is rising again and that the various Governments are understandably responding with more restrictions on movement and mingling.  With the tightening of restrictions has come a general change in the public’s mood.  Although our PR teams have been receiving positive comments from around the route, there is no escaping the fact that we would have been reversing the overall trend by travelling with 80 people and 40 cars around the quieter (and less Covid afflicted) parts of the Highlands.  

The restrictions in Scotland continue to be more onerous than in England, particularly concerning the mixing of different households and private hire accommodation.  Whilst we are confident that we would be able to put on a rally complying with the letter of the various restrictions and guidelines, we judge that it is not in the spirit of the efforts of the Scottish Government to contain the virus.  More than that we do not want to put any of our entrants, team, or general public at personal risk.  

In addition, every new restriction has inevitably reduced the overall experience of the event and whilst the on-the-road part of the rally would still have presented an enjoyable and competitive drive, the hospitality and social side would have been severely compromised.  

We have already been in touch with all of our competitors and partners for this event to make them aware of the situation and will continue our conversations with them once we have been able to settle on a new date.  We are also grateful for the support of the entrants, our extended team and friends in response to this decision that has been widely received as the appropriate and responsible thing to do.

If you are interested in joining us on the rescheduled event, please contact the office on info@rallytheglobe.com and we will keep you up to date with the new details as soon as they are confirmed.

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