After the much-acclaimed success of the first Generations Rally we are doing it all again in 2023.

This rally is once again specifically targeted at crews from different generations, encouraging the continuation of our passion for historic motorsport.

24 to 26 March 2023

Northumberland, Cumbria & County Durham

Video highlights from Generations Rally 2023

Photography highlights from Generations Rally 2023

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Generations Rally 2023 – Daily Dispatch

Results from Generations Rally 2023

1Charles Bishop (GB)/ Thomas Bishop (GB)Vauxhall 30-9842241924-
2Andrew Bailey (IE) / Sam Bailey (IE)Bentley 3/4½43981928-
3Mike Thompson (GB) / Josh Thompson (GB)Bentley Supersports45001926-
4Andrew Boland (IE) / Conor Behan (IE)Bentley 3/4½45001925-
5Jonathan Procter (GB)/ Peonie Procter (GB)Bentley 3/4½45001925-
6Graham Goodwin (GB)/ Tommy Stevenson (GB)Bentley Supersports (Pyman)53001925-
7Nick Sleep (GB)/ Jessica Sleep (GB)Mercedes 230 SL Pagoda23001964-
8Michael Birch (GB)/ Emily Anderson (GB)Talbot AV10534001933-
9Celia O'Neill (GB) / Hugo O'Neill (GB)Riley Gamecock10871932-
10Manuel Dubs (CH)/ Luca Arrigucci (CH)Rockne Six 7533651932-
11Christian Brash (GB)/ Matthew Brash (GB)Aston Martin Le Mans14931933-
12Peter Morton (GB)/ Anne Wylie (GB)DeSoto Six Coupe33001932-
14Christian Dillier (CH) / Pascal Dillier (CH)Ford A33001930-
15Patrick Blakeney-Edwards (GB) / Scarlett Blakeney-Edwards (GB)Frazer Nash Saloon14961934-
16Anthony Boland (IE) / Eoin Boland (IE)Talbot 105AV30001934-
17Adam Scowcroft (GB) / Oliver Ward (GB)Chevrolet Coupe33001936-
18Andrew Scowcroft (GB)/ Harvey Scowcroft (GB)Chevrolet Fangio Roadster33001936-
19Charlotte de Montmorency (GB)/ Philippa Bailey (GB)Triumph Dolomite19911938-
21Shane Houlihan (IE) / Thomas Houlihan (IE)Frazer-Nash BMW 32819711938-
22David Long (GB) / Sophie Long (GB)Healey Westland24431948-
23Brian Scowcroft (GB) / Reece Sadiq (GB)Lancia Aurelia GT24511954-
24Michael Wassell (GB) / Harry Wassell (GB)Jaguar XK14034001954-
25Josef Dillier (CH)/ Niklaus Dillier (CH)Jaguar XK140 Coupe34001955-
26Craig McWilliam (GB)/ Agnes McWilliam (GB)Aston Martin DB 2/4 MK III30001958-
27George Cooper (GB)/ Muriel Cooper (GB)Jaguar Mk 134001958-
28Brian Caudwell (GB) / Oliver Caudwell (GB)Jaguar XK150 DHC34001958-
29Paul Wignall (GB) / Andrew Neate (GB)Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint16001959-
30Vincent Fairclough (GB)/ Oliver Fairclough (GB)MG CT12501948-
32Anthony Boland (IE) / Orla Boland (IE)Jaguar XK150S38001960-
33Michael Kershaw (GB)/ Victoria Kershaw (GB)Aston Martin DB442001960-
34David Liddell (GB) / Edward Liddell (GB)Triumph TR421981963-
36Dieter Baumhaeckel (DE) / Marcus Eilers (DE)Volvo PV54423001961-
37Patricia Monks (GB)/ Henry Morris(GB)Jaguar Mk 234001961-
38Charles Stuart-Menteth (GB)/ Celia Stuart-Menteth (GB)MGA Mk II18001962-
39Lee Clarke (GB) / Freya Clarke (GB)Triumph TR422001962-
40Carolyn Ward (GB)/ Archie Ward (GB)Aston Martin DB436701962-
41Sarah Boland (IE) / Ann Boland (IE)Jaguar XK150S38001962-
42Jo Roberts (GB) / Alice Wright (GB)Triumph TR421381963-
43Andrew McAlpine (GB) / Freddie McAlpine (GB)Mini Cooper12951964-
44Michael Goodwin (GB)/ Marina Goodwin (GB)Porsche 35616001964-
45Harri Holroyd (GB) / Olivia Holroyd (GB)Austin Mini Cooper S10711964-
46Steve Verrall (GB) / Jay Reddy (GB)Porsche 91119911965-
47Rory Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB)Porsche 91119951965-
48Shaun Harborne (GB)/ Alex Harborne (GB)Mercedes-Benz 230 SL23001965-
49Gavin Webster (GB)/ Jessica Webster (GB)Jaguar Mk 234001965-
50Robert Wilkinson (GB)/ Olivia Wilkinson (GB)Aston Martin DB540001965-
53Tomasz Dzitko (PL)/ Michael Dzitko (PL)Porsche 91119911968-
54Lee Brooks (GB) / Adrian Brooks (GB)Volvo 122S18001967-
55Charles Graves (GB) / Daniella Hope (GB)Sunbeam Tiger42001967-
56Cathie Clarke (GB)/ Maxwell Clarke (GB)MG Midget14911975-
57Owen Ready (GB) / Mickey Gabbett (IE)MGB GT17981968-
58David Roberts (GB) / Lindsey Roberts (GB)Triumph TR25024981968-
59Jade Ripley (GB) / Nadia Whitelock (GB)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL28001968-
60Shane O'Neill (GB) / Con O'Neill (GB)MGC29121968-
62Keith Graham (GB) / Lorcan Byrne (GB)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL27781969-
63Mark Wilkinson (GB)/ Edward Andrews (GB)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL28001969-
64Ashley Marston (GB) / Thomas Marston (GB)Jaguar E-Type S2 FHC42001970-
65Carel Reinhardus (CH) / Asse Reinhardus (CH)Citroën DS23401973-
66Stephen Hardwick (GB) / Olivia Hardwick (GB)Alfa Romeo19621971-
67Drexel Gillespie (GB)/ Caroline Jones (GB)Ford Escort RS200019981971-
68David Ward (GB) / Joanna Ince (GB)Lancia Fulvia15841972-
69John Whitelock (GB) / Josh Whitelock (GB)Lancia 1600HF Fulvia16001972-
70Louise Morton (GB)/ Zoe Kremer (GB)BMW 200219901972-
71Jack Brien (GB) / Simon Brien (GB)Porsche 91127001972-
72Phillip Monks (GB)/ Alexandra Monks (GB)Jaguar E-type54001972-
73Andrew Laing (GB)/ Erica Laing (GB)Datsun 240Z24001973-
74Austin Baird (GB) / Louis Baird (GB)Porsche Carrera RS27001973-
75Roy Stephenson (GB) / William Stephenson (GB)Porsche 911 SC29941979-
76Nicole Whitelock (GB)/ Samantha Hardwick (GB)Porsche 91220001976-
77Paul Taylor (GB)/ Sophie Haslam (GB)Ford Escort RS200019931974-
78Anthony Sowerby (GB) / Thomas Sowerby (GB)Ford Escort RS200019951974-
79Carlos Rieder (CH) / Melvin Rieder (CH)Alfa Romeo Berlina19701970-
80Ben Brooks (GB)/ Ria Brooks Bell (GB)Mercedes-Benz 450 SL45001976-
81Martin Ruebel (CH) / Jan Ruebel (CH)Alfa Romeo GTV17501971-
82Alan Stansfield (GB)/ Edward Stansfield (GB)Ford Capri16001983-

Event Highlights

Based in a single hotel perched blissfully on the edge of the North Pennines, proceedings will start on Friday morning with the normal pre-event formalities of scrutineering and signing-on. After a light lunch, the rally starts with a full afternoon’s route that will introduce newcomers to the ideas of Regularity Sections and Tests. The evening will see us all dining together for a Welcome Dinner, giving the chance to socialise with like-minded people and learn from the mistakes of others!

Saturday sees us heading further north for a full day of competition through the serene Northumbrian countryside and a foray across the Border into Scotland. The Tests and Regularities will increase slightly in difficulty as the day progresses and the crews become familiar with the techniques involved. Safely back at base, drinks and dinner will again be a great time to discuss the day’s successes or otherwise.

Sunday will feature a morning of competition closer to base with enough twists and turns to sort out the final positions. Lunch and an afternoon prize-giving will allow for a timely departure for home – after what we are confident will have been another fantastic introduction of our hobby to the next generation.

We hope you can join us!

Where and when…

Friday 24 March

AM: Scrutineering and Signing-on
PM: Rally Start
Eve: Welcome Dinner

Sunday 26 March

Lunch: Rally Finish and Prize-giving
Eligible Crew:

Each crew should consist of members of two distinct Generations – ideally from the same family. All crew members must be at least 12 years old at the time of the event. Any crew member under the age of 18 may only form a crew with their parent or legal guardian.

Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1985
Separate classification for cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1945
Please check with us if you are not sure your car is eligible.


There will be Regularity Sections each day on twisty but quiet minor roads. Special Tests will also take place throughout the event on private land, which can include farm tracks and large car parks.

Roads used:

Some of the most scenic roads in the area can be bumpy so low-slung cars may need to be driven with care, but we will avoid rough, potholed and unsurfaced roads as much as possible. 


Our comfortable Spa Resort will also be the venue for dinner each evening, and for a Prize-giving Gala Lunch on the final day.  


The rally navigation will utilise a tulip Road Book with simple Regularities and Tests to start with, getting a little more complicated as the event progresses. Some of the sections towards the end of the event will require you to use map extracts that will be provided.

Tuition will be given before the start for crews that haven’t taken part in this type of rallying before, and Rally the Globe mentor teams will be on hand throughout the event to help with any queries.

Event Category:

What they said about the first Generations Rally

“The format was superb and the ‘Generations’ idea was great to get families and a mix of the old and young (and somewhere in between!) all involved.”

“What a joy that was! The Generations Rally was so well, and thoughtfully, organised with great attention to detail.”

“Great camaraderie, lovely roads, amazing panoramas and so nice to have younger people on the event.”

“The “children” really enjoyed the rally and all its challenges and are looking forward to their next one.  Socialising afterwards with their own ages made for happy chatter and new friends.”

“The Generations rally was huge fun. I know my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it and is now hooked.” 

“We had a ball and will definitely be back.”

“Great event, great team, great weather, great roads.”

“The route was challenging yet rewarding, the scenery and weather was perfect.”

Reasons to book With Us!

Rally the Globe is a not-for-profit club that exists to support a broad family of motorsport enthusiasts who want to explore the world in historic and classic vehicles. All our club’s rallies come with highly experienced support crew and safety cover including:

Expert teams of sweep mechanics

On-call doctor or paramedic

Recommendations of experts in crew training and car preparation, shipping and insurance

Advice, encouragement and assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable team