We are heading to East Africa for the inaugural ‘Southern Cross Safari’ in February 2020. Set in Kenya and Tanzania, our amazing route will take competitors through both Masai Mara and Serengeti National Reserves before finishing on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

“This rally will be a superb introduction to East Africa with magnificent and very changeable scenery and some great accommodation”


  • Ambitious new endurance ‘Rally the Globe’ club launched
  • Classic car automotive adventures topped by around the world epic
  • Carrera Iberia and Southern Cross Safari in East Africa also confirmed
  • Team of renowned experts to mastermind intercontinental events

An exciting and significant new international endurance rally club is launched today (Wednesday), together with confirmation of an epic round the world motoring adventure in 2020/2021.

Founded by renowned rallying mastermind Fred Gallagher with substantial backing from a number of influential endurance rally participants, Rally the Globe has been established to deliver unrivalled levels of professionalism, experience, vision and voyage.

Emphasising this inspirational ethos for delivering outstanding trans-nation and inter-continental competition and camaraderie for enthusiastic owners of pre-1976 vintage and classic cars, detailed planning for three truly incredible events is already in motion.

The evocatively titled ‘Carrera Iberia’ in October 2019 will mark Rally the Globe’s debut, providing entrants with some of the finest driving possible in Spain and Portugal. Deserted country roads, race circuits and historic hotels are all on the menu.

The focus then switches from western Europe to East Africa for the inaugural ‘Southern Cross Safari’ in February 2020. Set in Kenya and Tanzania it, too, features an amazing route taking competitors through both Masai Mara and Serengeti National Reserves before finishing on the shores of the Indian Ocean.

Then – and very much living up to the club’s name – comes the ultimate ‘Round The World’. Combining both adventure and endurance, this zenith of all road trips will be split into three sections: the first from London to Casablanca via the Sahara; the second from New York to Anchorage in Alaska and the third from Vladivostok in eastern Russia back to London. The rally will be staged over a total of 70 days between May 2020 and June 2021.

Participants will be able to compete in one, two or all three legs of the rally.  The ultimate prize will be to complete – or even dare to win– the Round The World title. A number of equally spectacular events are also in the pipeline

“It’s an ambitious and exceptional programme that really underlines our philosophy of providing those possessing a true spirit of adventure with memorable drives through parts of the world that they probably wouldn’t otherwise ever see or savour,” explained Rally Director, Gallagher. “We pride ourselves not only in finding some of the greatest driving roads on Earth but also in seeking out both quirky and astonishing places along the route for our crews to relish in between their competitive tests.”

Les premiers rallyes prêts à partir

Le directeur de rallye, Fred Gallagher, a été occupé à faire de la reconnaissance de nos deux premières aventures de rallye.

Carrera Iberia suit un itinéraire séduisant de routes inexplorées, d’hôtels historiques dans des lieux époustouflants et des routes montagneuses serpentées.  Le directeur de rallye, Fred Gallagher, dit

“J’ai prévu un itinéraire en dehors des sentiers battus, sur des routes difficiles à découvrir sans une connaissance locale. Il s’agit d’un événement compétitif à la fois pour les équipes amatrices et les équipes plus expérimentées, avec beaucoup de temps passé à goûter le vin et les tapas sur l’itinéraire.”

Bonhams nous rejoint

Rally the Globe voudrait remercier Bonhams (lien), la maison d’enchères internationales fondée en 1793 pour leur soutien en nous parrainant.

Graham Goodwin, président et membre fondateur de Rally the Globe déclare :

“Bonhams est l’un des commissaires-priseurs les plus importants et les plus renommés dans les beaux-arts et les antiquités, y compris les automobiles.  Nous sommes ravis qu’une entreprise avec un tel héritage et une telle réputation de connaisseurs ait accepté un partenariat avec nous.  Nous sommes impatients de travailler ensemble au fur et à mesure que le club à adhésion internationale se développe.”