Carrera Scandinavia

May 2022

Denmark, Sweden, Norway & Finland

Starting from the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark’s beautiful capital, Carrera Scandinavia will explore the region’s finest attractions. Limiting the rally to 30 cars will allow the event to use small luxury hotels unsuitable for bigger events.

Scandinavia’s three-dimensional gravel rally roads are world famous, and we plan to use many of the most famous of these.  The Norwegian Fjords and North Cape will be visited, before we enjoy a free day in Finland’s biggest Arctic city, Rovaniemi. Then it’s south to Finland’s rally capital Jyväskylä with it’s amazing roads.

Our Swedish rally expert Hans Sylvan, co-driver to the original Stig of Top Gear fame, tells us that his home island of Gotland is made for rallying, so we will stop off in this little-visited paradise, reached by a short, three-hour ferry trip. Southern Sweden’s gravel roads and network of race tracks will take us back to Copenhagen, from where we started.

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