Video highlights from the Carrera Italia

Highlights from the Carrera Italia

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Carrera Italia 2021 – Daily Dispatch – All the action

Age Category Class Day

Day 10 S. Margherita Ligure - Sanremo 244.1km

No.Participants NameVehicleCCYearDay TotalOverall TotalOverall Pos.Class Pos.
17Mike & Lorna HarrisonTriumph TR3A218819590:00:020:00:4711
23Steve & Jenny VerrallPorsche 911199119650:00:050:01:0921
1Bertie & Charlotte van HoutteFrazer Nash-BMW 328197019380:00:070:01:1931
41Roy & Rachel StephensonPorsche 911299419730:00:020:01:3941
9Gavin & Diana HendersonFrazer Nash-BMW 328199019390:00:010:01:4752
7Andrew & Gina LongDatsun 240Z240019720:00:020:01:5862
27Manuel & Irene DubsFord Mustang V8 Convertible472819650:00:050:02:1971
26Alan & Tina BeardshawAston Martin DB5399619650:00:020:02:3282
43Tomasz Dzitko & Beata SiwekMGB GT180019730:00:030:02:5192
38Ean & Alison LewinFord Escort Mexico160119730:00:010:02:54103
2Andrew & Ann BolandTalbot AV105340019340:00:070:03:06113
8Richard & Catherine PhillipsonAustin Mini129319740:00:100:03:30124
4Graham & Marina GoodwinBentley 3/4½ Corsica450019270:00:030:03:38134
6Clint & Dawn SmithBentley 3/4½450019250:00:210:03:47145
31David & Jo RobertsJaguar XK150344219590:00:020:03:53152
12Mick & Grace de HaasMercedes-Benz 280 SL280019660:00:030:04:08163
15Adrian & Christine HodgsonAustin A90 Westminster291219550:00:040:04:14173
3Keith & Norah AshworthBentley 4½ Le Mans450019270:00:100:04:44186
22Sholto & Karen Gilbertson-HartJaguar E-type380019640:00:030:04:48194
24Stanley Gold & Brant ParsonsPorsche 911200019650:00:040:05:37205
39Andrew Laing & Ian MilneDatsun 240Z240019730:00:140:05:45213
33Reto Mebes & Hans-Jürgen BenzeMercedes-Benz 280 SL280019690:00:420:05:54225
37Phillip & Patricia MonksJaguar Mk 2344219610:00:020:05:54234
35Michel Velasco & Maria GarciaPorsche 356 Cabriolet158219620:00:110:06:01245
32John & Nicole WhitelockMercedes-Benz 280 SL280019680:00:010:06:18256
16Bruno & Corina Lang-MathisPorsche 356A Speedster158319570:00:030:06:41266
19Mark & Sally BramallVolvo Amazon 123GT180019680:00:050:06:59276
36Brian & Catherine ScowcroftFerrari Daytona439019720:01:030:07:39284
29Jeremy Clayton & Edward BelcherFord Mustang Convertible420019660:00:120:08:08297
18Dieter & Hildegard BaumhaeckelVolvo PV544230019610:00:330:08:09307
10Renate Hanselmann & Lukas OspeltFord Model 91A360019390:00:050:11:01317
42Otakar Chládek & Hynek TauscherMercedes-Benz 350 SL350019730:00:160:21:33325
5Hugh & Lesley ApthorpBentley 4½ Blower450019310:00:030:23:15338
34Herman Wielfaert & Katrien TremerieMercedes-Benz 280 SL278819700:15:070:23:49348
21Chris & Ingrid WoodhouseJaguar E-type378119620:00:280:49:24359
44Enrico Paggi & Federica MascettiMercedes-Benz 190 SL160019640:00:421:43:24367
30Hans Middelberg & Jürgen GrolmanFord Mustang Convertible499819670:30:151:48:473710
40John Fraser & Peter JenkinsPorsche Carrera RS280019730:00:195:28:22386




1Bertie van Houtte (F) / Charlotte van Houtte (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328197719381
2Andrew Boland (IRL) / Ann Boland (IRL)Talbot AV105340019341
3Keith Ashworth (GB) / Norah Ashworth (GB)Bentley Le Mans460019271
4Graham Goodwin (GB) / Marina Goodwin (GB)Bentley 3/4½ Corsica450019271
5Hugh Apthorp (GB) / Lesley Apthorp (GB)Bentley 4½ Blower450019311
6Clinton Smith (GB) / Dawn Smith (GB)Bentley 3/4½450019251
7Andrew Long (GB) / Gina Long (GB)Datsun 240Z240019725
8Richard Phillipson (GB) / Catherine Phillipson (GB)Austin Mini129319743
9Gavin Henderson (GB) / Diana Henderson (GB)Frazer Nash-BMW 328199019391
10Renate Hanselmann (FL) / Lukas Ospelt (FL)Ford Model 91A360019391
12Mick de Haas (NL) / Grace de Haas (NL)Mercedes-Benz 230 SL280019664
15Adrian Hodgson (GB) / Christine Hodgson (GB)Austin A90 Westminster291219552
16Bruno Lang (CH) / Corina Lang-Mathis (CH)Porsche 356A Speedster158319572
17Mike Harrison (GB) / Lorna Harrison (GB)Triumph TR3A218819592
18Dieter Baumhaeckel (D) / Hildegard Baumhaeckel (D)Volvo PV544230019612
19Mark Bramall (GB) / Sally Bramall (GB)Volvo Amazon 123GT180019683
21Chris Woodhouse (GB) / Ingrid Woodhouse (GB)Jaguar E-type378119624
22Sholto Gilbertson-Hart (GB) / Karen Gilbertson-Hart (GB)Jaguar E-Type380019644
23Steve Verrall (GB) / Jenny Verrall (GB)Porsche 911199119653
24Stanley Gold (USA) / Brant Parsons (USA)Porsche 911200019653
26Alan Beardshaw (GB) / Tina Beardshaw (GB)Aston Martin DB5399619654
27Manuel Dubs (CH) / Irene Dubs (CH)Ford Mustang V8 Convertible472819654
29Jeremy Clayton (GB) / Edward Belcher (GB)Ford Mustang Convertible420019664
30Hans Middleberg (D) / Jürgen Grolman (D)Ford Mustang499819674
31David Roberts (GB) / Jo Roberts (GB)Jaguar XK150 S344219592
32John Whitelock (GB) / Nicole Whitelock (GB)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL280019684
33Reto Mebes (CH) / Hans-Jurgen Benze (D)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL280019694
34Herman Wielfaert (B) / Katrien Tremerie (B)Mercedes-Benz 280 SL278819704
35Michel Velasco (GB) / Maria Garcia (E)Porsche 356 Cabriolet158219622
36Brian Scowcroft (GB)/ Catherine Scowcroft (GB)Ferrari Daytona439019725
37Phillip Monks (GB) / Patricia Monks (GB)Jaguar Mk 2344219612
38Ean Lewin (GB) / Alison Lewin (GB)Ford Escort Mexico160119733
39Andrew Laing (GB) / Ian Milne (GB)Datsun 240Z240019735
40John Fraser (GB) / Peter Jenkins (GB)Porsche Carrera RS280019735
41Roy Stephenson (GB) / Rachel Stephenson (GB)Porsche 911299419735
42Otakar Chládek (CZ) / Hynek Tauscher (CH)Mercedes-Benz 350 SL350019735
43Tomasz Dzitko (PL) / Beata Siwek (PL)MGB GT180019733
44Enrico Paggi (IT) / Federica Mascetti (IT)Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider160019643

The second event in our popular Carrera series will start from Sanremo,  Italy’s rally HQ and, for many years, home to the country’s World Rally Championship event.

2 to 12 October 2021

Italian mountains and Lakes

Event Highlights

Italian rally master Lucio di Mori is working on a route that will take us straight into the tremendous roads of the Ligurian Alps and then onwards towards the Italian Lakes. From there, over some high passes and into the Dolomites, we will spend two nights in Cortina d’Ampezzo, an important venue in the story of historic rallying. While we may be here for two nights, there is no rest day as we shall be revelling in the roads that were used in the epic Coppa d’Oro delle Dolomiti that was held from 1947 to 1956, rivalling the Mille Miglia for notoriety.

Leaving the hills behind we make for historic Verona, the home of Romeo and Juliet. Then it’s on towards the Adriatic coast and a quick stop in the Republic of San Marino to add another country to our “visited list”. We then head to Tuscany, with some of the greatest rallying roads in the world, and a host of major motor racing circuits on which to hold Tests along the way.

After a night in a splendid Tuscan resort we will head north-west to the Mediterranean coast for our final night before the finish. More incredible, mountain roads will take us back to Sanremo for a mid-afternoon finish after ten stunning days of driving.



KM of driving







Where and when…

Saturday 2 October 2021

Scrutineering, Signing-On & Welcome Dinner, Sanremo

Sunday 3 October 2021

Rally Start from Sanremo

Tuesday 12 October 2021

Rally Finish, Prize-giving and Gala Dinner, Sanremo
Eligible Cars:

Cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1976
Separate classification for cars of a specification produced before 31 December 1945
Please check with us if you are not sure your car is eligible.


There will be 2 or 3 Regularity Sections per day, on twisty but quiet minor roads. There will also be a Test most days, utilising race tracks, circuits and private land.

Roads used:

The roads will be all asphalt, and we will avoid rough, potholed and unsurfaced roads as much as possible.


We will use top quality hotels where available and provide a group dinner most evenings, other than on non-driving days. Some lunches will also be provided in a variety of venues. We will provide a van to transport your luggage between hotels (weight restrictions will apply).


All of the route, including the Regularity Sections will be defined in a detailed tulip Road Book. 

Event Category:

Reasons to book With Us!

Rally the Globe is a not-for-profit club that exists to support a broad family of motorsport enthusiasts who want to explore the world in historic and classic vehicles. All our club’s rallies come with highly experienced support crew and safety cover including:

Expert teams of sweep mechanics

On-call doctor or paramedic

Recommendations of experts in crew training and car preparation, shipping and insurance

Advice, encouragement and assistance from our friendly and knowledgeable team